Apart from developing her own practice, Rodríguez-Past creates professional documentation for, and collaborates creatively with, other artists.

Burning Tear



Interview with the taxi driver

Musica Practica

Video documenting Tamarin Norwood's piece Musica Practica.


Video documenting a painting performed by Rebecca Hind.

To The Would be Father and The Would be Brother

This video documents a performance by the two woman experimental theatre company BOOKHOUSE BOYS.


Photo and video documentation of Gitte Dæhlin's bronze sculptures.

Respiro en la Tierra

Six short videos documenting Gitte Dæhlin's bronze sculptures.


Mayan women's spells and poems.


Documentary about the photographer José Ángel Rodríguez Gonzalez, who uses palladium to print his images on various surfaces.

props for the sky

This video documents a performance by Holly Slingsby.